With permission from Michael

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MegSlave2.jpg (224604 byte)
Young Meg
lies in the slave hold under her transportation to the plantations on Barbados. 
For 6 weeks she has to lie in salt water, which leakes into the bilges, and  in her own filth.

MegSlave3.jpg (148949 byte)
Allowed some fresh air before arrival

.MegSlave4.jpg (106646 byte)
Sold to the highest bitter.
MegSlave1.jpg (93007 byte)
Welcomed and branded by her new owner.

MegSlave5.jpg (169865 byte)
Meg as tavern wench
MegSlave6.jpg (216056 byte)
In her owners cart
Megslave7.jpg (216632 byte)
Assigned to the treadmill